Your Interzero licence partner number will be disclosed when we send you the countersigned contract.
The VVO arranges this according to the annual licence fee per Household and Business:
  • <€1,500 - Annual reporter
  • >€20,000 - Monthly reporter
  • in between - quarterly reporters
The quantity reports are due on the 15th of the reporting period in the following month (e.g.: the report for January is due on 15/02, the first quarter report on 15/04, the annual report by 15/01 of the following year)
For your convenience, we've provided you with an online portal: https://onlineportal.interzero-austria.com/
You'll receive the access information during the contract procedure.
It's possible to correct the reported quantities for monthly and quarterly reports in the end-of-year report, which has to be submitted by 15/03 in the following year.
Annual reporters will be able to submit the annual report until 15/01 of the following year. Retrospective corrections are not possible.
Please send an email to customer service with the subject "login". We'll provide you with a new password.
This will be available for printing in the service area of our reporting portal.
The e-Bill will be sent to the email address you provided. In case you prefer the bill to be delivered by post, please add this information -as well as a different billing address, if applicable- in the section: Notifications.
Annual reporters will receive their first bill at the start of 2016, after submitting their annual report.
Monthly and quarterly reporters receive their bills within 2 weeks of submitting their reports.
The Waste Management Act and the Packaging Regulation provide clear guidelines on the categorisation of packaging. You will be able to access applicable information in the information section.